My 100 year goal: It is the norm not the exception for a business leader to be in a leadership development peer group –

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About hardybee

Bob's primary role today is running MD2MD and the MD2MD annual conference LeaderFest. MD2MD is for the Managing Director (or equivalent) of an established and successful organisation. Typically leading between 10 and 200 staff and managing revenues from £500k to £50M, MD2MD members meet for a day each month to learn with and from each other how to raise their game and, by doing so, achieve even more success for their organisation. It is a form of leadership development but, quite unlike traditional training, builds upon the ideas that we learn best by learning in bite sized chunks and that we learn most from our peers in the University of Life. LeaderFest, a mini-conference for all MD2MD members, their guests and other invited leaders in the Thames Valley, builds on the MD2MD principle of Leaders learning with and from other leaders. Experienced and successful leaders are interviewed on stage and encouraged to share the thoughts and tools that made them successful, those that held them back and to share with the audience any other tips they have on how leaders can achieve greater success more quickly.
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